TKDz2b – Never Say Never

Reality slips far away
Fiction comes alive as we start to play
Hope is no more behind a closed door
As we drift away from where we were before
Hope and hopelessness become one
It’s all meaningless we’ve already begun
We are all one in the same
Never opposites when we play the same game

So I listen to the world I know right from wrong
I stay focused so I can stay strong
If you ever wonder why I’m trapped inside
It’s probably just because I told a pack of lies
Maybe a dream, maybe it was pride
Maybe for myself, I often wonder why?
Until our very last breath
We’re running after life, trying to beat death

We walk a thin line between hope and despair
Running from the truth but it’s already here
Told so many lies I don’t know if they can find me
Only one life to live so choose wisely
Heads or tails?
Do you even know what side you’re on?
Does it really matter if it’s on the same coin?
If you wanna achieve you gotta believe
The time is right now there’s the door here’s the key

Just gotta chase the pain away
Let it fade away
There’s a ray of hope beyond despair
Move on – Look for the truth in this world
Break through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted evil things
Just do it, go for it

Never say never
Never say never
Never say never

Don’t be hopeless stay focused
Gotta grind every time until they’re open
Gotta climb real high where the rope is
It is written in the sky see the opus
And you know this
Please don’t lose hope
Try to progress keep your eye on the scope
For yourself or do it for your folks
Dedication gotta swear the oath

From this day forth stay on course
No despair gotta have a heart
Take no loss every step cost
Everybody wanna see if you’ll fall off
Keep your eye on the prize
Been through the worst even cried on the side
No lie never know what you will find
Gotta believe let’s keep hope alive!

Don’t throw yourself away
Wipe all tears away
Even if the future seems uncertain
Survive find true happiness in this world
So have a strong intention
And change direction
‘Cause the sky is the limit
Just do it, go for it


Break through the confusion
Find a solution
Beat the twisted evil things
Just do it, go for it


Lyrics Kazutaka Kodaka, Emi Nishida, Marchitect, JasMace, Tribeca
Music Masafumi Takada
Arrangement Masafumi Takada
Released August 28th, 2013
Single Danganronpa – The Animation Blu-ray Vol. 1 Bonus CD
Description OP